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What To Expect

I give each client a free, no obligation consultation where I’ll ask some simple questions to help gain a full picture of your situation and why you are seeking my help.

This discussion is in a safe, non-judgemental place and in total confidence.

I’ll explain what I can do to help and how many sessions it might take.


Book a free, no obligation consultation with Claire and take back control of your life!

What is OldPain2Go®

OldPain2Go® is a fantastic methodology that is designed to help you move away from chronic pain.

It is a highly effective talking therapy, a type of ‘pain psychology’ that works with the part of the brain that sends pain messages. It is safe and has no side effects.

How Does It Work?

By negotiating between your conscious and unconscious mind (brain bargaining) you will be coached in how to control the OLD pain messages, switching them off completely or turning them down.

Any new fresh pain will still be felt, you will only be working with old, unwanted pain and symptoms. It is not hypnosis; no trance is required.

Why Do I Have Pain?

You feel pain for a reason; you need it for protection and survival, it tells you that you are hurt or injured.

Pain is manufactured in the brain and sent to the affected area to make you take action. After your injury or issue has been dealt with and appropriate healing time has passed, your pain should go.

Why Has My Pain Stuck?

Pain can remain long after it is beneficial. If you have been in pain for longer than 3 months, it is likely to be of no use. This happens when the pain switch gets stuck ON after the danger has passed and this is called persistent, chronic, or OLD pain.

This pain is real and can affect every area of your life, hence it is likely that you have been prescribed pain killing medication. However, this pain is a message from your brain rather than from your tissues and your internal defence mechanism thinks this continued pain is still beneficial.

It will have a sound logical reason for remaining even though it may not be obvious. I can work with you to find the reason for your pain switch getting stuck in the ON position.

By using a technique called “brain bargaining” I will help you negotiate with your unconscious mind and persuade it that it is doing you more harm than good. This process does not numb the area but safely removes the OLD pain so any new pain will be felt.

What Issues Can OldPain2Go® Be Effective For?

Pain Therapy can work with all sorts of old pain including joint injuries, arthritis, chronic back pain, sciatica, auto immune conditions for example Fibromyalgia, M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and C.F S (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you have had your pain longer than 3 months and have been checked by a medical professional and your options are limited to pain relief, get in touch to discuss being pain free.

How Many Sessions?

The number of sessions required will depend on the issues you are working through.

I like to use the least number of sessions possible enabling you to expediently move on with life. Pain management can usually be managed in 1-2 sessions.

Where Are The Sessions Conducted?

I work from a beautiful old farmhouse in Rampton on the Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire border where I have a peaceful and relaxing consulting room.

There are gorgeous soft leather sofas to sink into and unwind from the pressures of everyday life.

It is preferable that you come to me knowing that you will be away from all the distractions of work and home.

If it is necessary due to ill health or transport issues, I can offer home visits. Please contact me to discuss this option.


The final phase of the therapy will empower you with strategies and techniques to protect the work already done and strengthen you to move forward independently.

OldPain2Go Certified Practitioner

This fascinating video ‘Why things hurt’ by Professor Lorimer Moseley, Neuroscientist and leading pain expert explains how pain works.

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Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, M.E., or C.F.S (chronic fatigue syndrome)

Click the linked image above to understand more about pain related illnesses.

If it sounds familiar to your situation, I can help you.

Contact Me

East End Farm, Torksey Street, Rampton, DN22 0HT


All consultations are conducted in a safe, non-judgemental place and in total confidence.

Fee Structure:

Initial no-obligation consultation lasting up to 60 minutes is free.

Sessions are £80 each and last approximately 1 hour.

The number of sessions required is dependent on the individual and the issues being addressed. To find out more please contact me to arrange a free consultation.

Cancellation Fees:

For sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice the fee will still need to be paid. It may be waived if I have a client in need of an urgent session who can fill the space. In most cases I will require payment but will waive this fee for illness, accident, or bereavement.